The Elephant in the Room 🐘

I think of Randy Pausch saying, “My dad alway taught me, when there’s an elephant in the room, introduce them.”

This is my attempt at that.

Challenging times are among us. I have been contemplating what to write in this post for days, and I know you’ve received your fair share of COVID-19 related emails.

I’ll begin with this, outside of Finland, nobody in the world has more Sisu than right here in the Upper Peninsula. These are uncertain times, but we are a resilient people, with an incredibly strong sense of community.

As we see it, Upper Peninsula goods are always a necessity! However, at this time we encourage you all comply with the given guidelines. For that reason our retail shop is closed until further notice. It breaks our little plaid hearts to close the shop, where we love visiting with you, learning about your connections to the Upper Peninsula, and answering your questions about weekend adventure ideas across the U.P..

With the retail shop closed, we are still shipping out online orders daily. We are grateful to be located directly across from the Post Office where we can get your Upper Peninsula goods to you as fast as possible.

I will be frank, small businesses are being hit hard right now, and that absolutely includes us. In all seriousness, we understand that our products are not of highest necessity. On the other hand, if you have the means, we would be absolutely delighted to have your business to keep the faucet dripping.

At U.P. Supply Co., we’re a small, community oriented business. While seeing the domino effect of businesses closing their shop, I’ve been thinking lots about how far a dollar spent at UPSCo travels. Each dollar allows us to spend our time creating events like 906 Day and Plaidurday, dedicating time to raising $40,000 for the Portage Health Foundation, sponsoring Fresh Coast Film Festival, helping a student make her way through college with a paycheck, supporting a local screen printer, putting money into the pockets of local artists, buying gear form our favorite brands to support their entire network, and doing our best to say yes to every donation request at the shop, from spaghetti dinners to high school yearbooks. We are absolutely in this for the community.

As your means allow, be it us or someone else, we highly encourage you to support small businesses (micro businesses in our case) and artists in your community. An online order or two can go a long way.

Thank you for making it this far in the post, I tend to get a bit wordy. This elephant in the room is something currently affecting each of our lives in different ways.

We promise to keep celebrating the Upper Peninsula, and more than ever we remind you to stay awesome out there.

Look out for our next post to save on some gear and keep the Upper Peninsula economy moving.

Thanks for being you, and we can’t wait to see you in store and epxloring the U.P. soon.

– Bugsy Sailor
Official Unofficial Ambassador of the Upper Peninsula

Yooper Strong