The 15 Counties of Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Alger County

Population:9,862 (10th)
Pop. Density:10.74 people/sq. mile (10th)
Land Area:918 sq. miles (11th)
Water Area:4,131 sq. miles (2nd)
County Seat:Munising

Baraga County

Population:8,746 (12th)
Pop. Density:9.67 people/sq. mile (11th)
Land Area:904 sq. miles (12th)
Water Area:165 sq. miles (13th)
County Seat:L'Anse

Chippewa County

Population:38,543 (2nd)
Pop. Density:24.69 people/sq. mile (5th)
Land Area:1,561 sq. miles (2nd)
Water Area:1,137 sq. miles (5th)
County Seat:Sault Ste. Marie

Delta County

Population:38,520 (3rd)
Pop. Density:32.92 people/sq. mile (4th)
Land Area:1,170 sq. miles (6th)
Water Area:822 sq. miles (8th)
County Seat:Escanaba

Dickinson County

Population:27,472 (5th)
Pop. Density:35.86 people/sq. mile (1st)
Land Area:766 sq. miles (14th)
Water Area:11 sq. miles (15th)
County Seat:Iron Mountain

Gogebic County

Population:17,370 (7th)
Pop. Density:15.78 people/sq. mile (7th)
Land Area:1,101 sq. miles (7th)
Water Area:375 sq. miles (11th)
County Seat:Bessemer

Houghton County

Population:36,016 (4th)
Pop. Density:35.59 people/sq. mile (2nd)
Land Area:1,012 sq. miles (10th)
Water Area:490 sq. miles (10th)
County Seat:Houghton

Iron County

Population:13,138 (8th)
Pop. Density:11.17 people/sq. mile (9th)
Land Area:1,176 sq. miles (5th)
Water Area:45 sq. miles (14th)
County Seat:Crystal Falls

Keweenaw County

Population:2,301 (15th)
Pop. Density:4.25 people/sq. mile (15th)
Land Area:541 sq. miles (15th)
Water Area:5,425 sq. miles (1st)
County Seat:Eagle River

Luce County

Population:7,024 (14th)
Pop. Density:7.78 people/sq. mile (12th)
Land Area:903 sq. miles (13th)
Water Area:1,009 sq. miles (7th)
County Seat:Newberry

Mackinac County

Population:11,943 (9th)
Pop. Density:11.69 people/sq. mile (8th)
Land Area:1,022 sq. miles (9th)
Water Area:1,079 sq. miles (6th)
County Seat:St. Ignace

Marquette County

Population:64,634 (1st)
Pop. Density:35.49 people/sq. mile (3rd)
Land Area:1,821 sq. miles (1st)
Water Area:1,604 sq. miles (4th)
County Seat:Marquette

Menominee County

Population:25,326 (6th)
Pop. Density:24.26 people/sq. mile (6th)
Land Area:1,044 sq. miles (8th)
Water Area:294 sq. miles (12th)
County Seat:Menominee

Ontonagon County

Population:7,818 (13th)
Pop. Density:5.96 people/sq. mile (14th)
Land Area:1,312 sq. miles (3rd)
Water Area:2,430 sq. miles (3rd)
County Seat:Ontonagon

Schoolcraft County

Population:8,903 (11th)
Pop. Density:7.56 people/sq. mile (13th)
Land Area:1,178 sq. miles (4th)
Water Area:706 sq. miles (9th)
County Seat:Manistique