Everything You Need to Know About Area Code 906

Just in case you didn’t know, 906 is the only area code for the entire Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In addition, 906 is the largest area code in Michigan.

On March 19th, 1961, area code 906 was created as a split from what was then area code 616. Currently, according to Wikipedia, the area code is not expected to be exhausted until 2042.

Since 2012, September 6 has been designated as 906 Day for its resemblance to the date 9/6. On 906 Day, Yoopers and Upper Peninsula fans alike, are encouraged to take a sauna, buy a pasty for a friend, play a game of cribbage, go for swim in Lake Superior or Lake Michigan, or pay for the person behind you at the Mackinac Bridge.

Upper Peninsula Area Code

Area code 906 is the 6th largest area code east of the Mississippi River. Although it is one of the largest area codes by land area, it is one of the smallest area codes in terms of population. Here are the five area codes with a larger land area than 906 east of the Mississippi…

  • 207 – The entire state of Maine
  • 304 – The entire state of West Virginia
  • 662 – The northern half of Mississippi
  • 217 – Central Illinois
  • 715 – The northern half of our neighbor, Wisconsin

Though one of the biggest in the East, 906 doesn’t stand a chance in size when competing against the area codes of the Western United States. The states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and New Mexico all have just a single area code for the entire state. To add to that list, the largest area code of all, is area code 907, of the great state of Alaska. Ironically, it’s just one digit area from our area code of 906.

In addition, nearly every state west of the Mississippi has an area code that’s larger than 906.

Hawaii, Delaware, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont also have their own area codes, though not as big as 906. That makes a total of 14 states to have a single area code.

United States Area Codes

Other fun facts about the number 906

  • Area code 906 was created in March 19, 1961 as a split from what was area code 616
  • Area code 906 is not expected to be exhausted until at least 2023
  • Area code 906 is the 6th largest area code east of the Mississippi River
  • 906 is a sphenic number, a positive integer that is the product of three distinct prime numbers (2 × 3 × 151)
  • 906 is the number of Perfect graphs with 7 vertices
  • In 906 AD in China the Tang Dynasty fell to the Sung rule
  • And yes, if you flip it, it is identical!