Hello from the Great Lakes Postcard
Great Lakes NOAA Chart
906 America Sticker
Spring Logo Burst • Chickadee Yellow
Field Notes – Original Kraft, Ruled Paper
Watch More Sunrises • Long Sleeve Tee
Hi, I'm Pasty Pal! • 1" button
Love Da Upper Peninsula • 1" Button
 2022 Fresh Coast Film Festival Poster
You're My Favorite Yooper - Greeting Card
Spring Logo Burst • Golden Hour Orange
Fresh Coast Film Festival Five Panel
Watch More Sunrises • 1" Button
H.O.M.E.S. Great Lakes Crewneck
Navy Virgin Wool Lap Blanket
Plaid Sticker Pack
Isle Royale National Park Sticker
906 Minis (3-pack)
J.J.'s Wildlife Puzzle Kit
Michigan Lighthouses Postcard
State Symbols of Michigan Postcard
Wooden Lake Superior Keychain
Field Notes • National Parks, Series D
Watch More Sunrises Bumper Sticker
906 Sticker - Black
Great Lakes Satellite Photo
Lake Superior Enamel Camp Mug
I Shore Do Lake You A Lot - Greeting Card
Field Notes – Original Kraft, Graph Paper
Great Lakes Lighthouse Map
Upper Peninsula of America Magnet
2023 Fresh Coast Film Festival Hoodie
Spring Logo Burst • Lilac Blue
Explore the Upper Peninsula Sticker Pack
Hewer Magnet
Camp Cocktails by Emily Vikre
Lighthouses of Michigan Print
 Upper Peninsula Tree Ring Hoodie
Upper Peninsula Tree Rings Print
Spring Logo Burst • Robin Egg Blue
Plaid Lake Superior Sticker
London, New York, Paris, Marquette Print
Upper Peninsula Tree Rings Magnet
Lake Superior NOAA Chart
Field Notes • National Parks, Series A
2019 Fresh Coast Film Festival Tee – Sunrise
Nine Oh Six Magnet
Plaid Upper Peninsula Magnet
Marquette, World Class City Magnet
Great Lakes Shipwrecks Map
Upper Peninsula Enamel Camp Mug
Explore the Upper Peninsula Eagle Sticker
Upper Peninsula Map
Fresh Coast Film Festival Tote Bag
Watch More Sunrises • Magnet
Field Notes – The Great Lakes
2023 Fresh Coast Film Festival Poster
A Bathroom Book for People Not Pooping Or Peeing But Using the Bathroom as an Escape by our friend, Joe Pera
The Sun Still Rises Sticker by Angela Southern
Love Da UP Eh Poster
Lake Superior H.O.M.E.S. Print
Buchanan-Smith's Axe Handbook
Only You Trucker Hat
Field Notes • National Parks, Series B
Isle Royale National Park Candle
Black Virgin Wool Lap Blanket
Michi-Gummies Candy
Upper Peninsula Silhouette Tee • Faded Green
The Blaze Beanie
Uff Da Mug
Buffalo Plaid Upper Peninsula • 1" Button
The Sun Still Rises Sticker by Jacob Rosenburg
Will U.P. Mine? – Greeting Card
Spring Logo Burst • Cherry Blossom
Upper Peninsula Cozy Sweater Ornament w/ Card
Blue Plaid Virgin Wool Throw Blanket
Field Notes • Kraft Plus, Moss
Explore the Upper Peninsula Patch
Uff Da Magnet
Love the Upper Peninsula Magnet
Lake Superior Candle
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Sticker
2023 Fresh Coast Film Festival Tee
Plaid Great Lakes Sticker
Field Notes • National Parks, Series E
2019 Fresh Coast Film Festival Tee – Ice
Explore the Upper Peninsula Buck Sticker
H.O.M.E.S Great Lakes Magnet
906 Sticker - White
I want to pick blueberries with you - Greeting Card
5-Pack of Upper Peninsula Greeting Cards
Edmund Fitzgerald Poster
Great Lakes Freighter Sticker
2023 Fresh Coast Film Festival Crewneck
Lake Michigan Sticker
Lucky Enough To Be A Yooper Poster
Field Notes – Expedition 3-pack
H.O.M.E.S (White) • 1" Button
2019 Fresh Coast Film Festival Poster
Great Lakes Fish Postcard
Upper Peninsula Snowflake Ornament
Upper Peninsula Silhouette Tee • Midnight Blue
Birds of the Great Lakes Postcard
Plaid Upper Peninsula Sticker
5-Pack of Upper Peninsula 1" Buttons
Hello from the Northern Peninsula of Michigan Postcard
Upper Peninsula Tree Rings • 1" Button
Isle Always Love you • Isle Royale Greeting Card
2023 Fresh Coast Film Festival Zip Hoodie
Smokey Bear Sticker
Explore the Upper Peninsula Trout Sticker
You Are Superior! - Greeting Card

We are purveyors
of the Upper Peninsula.

We foster community by creating unique goods and campaigns that celebrate the Upper Peninsula of America.

Our goods consist of original apparel, prints, artwork, and gifts. Our campaigns include creating holidays, building an embassy, and yes, even a dating website. We partner with people and organizations across the Upper Peninsula to promote good, execute original ideas, and provide a fresh take on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Great Lakes, and the nature and wildlife that surround us. Since 2008, we've been supplying the Upper Peninsula to the world.